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Pilates classes to suit all abilities. All Neilpilates Pilates Teachers are invited to be Neilpilates teachers personally by Neil Healey and have been tutored by Neil. We strive to maintain Neilpilates as a brand that delivers high quality Pilates classes. Neilpilates was formed in 2004 by Neil Healey and provides mat work classes, reformer classes, small equipment classes and 1-to-1 tuition in Belfast, Bangor, North Down, Ballyclare and Strangford Phone: 07919172941 / 02890583228

Neilpilates Teachers

Neil Healey (owner) - 07919172941
Michelle Morter - 07729448338
Roise Connor - 07725476385
Sinead McCloskey - 07919493784
Jennifer Jordon - 07835113894
Asdis Lindal - 07870353066
Karma Hunter - 079574544403
Jekaterina Saprikina - 07754265862
Gemma Agnew - 07738111281
Trish McTighe - 07964494223
Nicola Faloona - 07917134047
Emily Cifford - 07411091431
Jill Smyth - 07966466176
Linda Fennell - 07557382365
Gwyneth Hines - 07715353799

Contact the teacher whose class you would like to attend for their class prices. Contact numbers on Teachers/info page.
Item Name Price
Single 1 to 1 Private Session with Neil £30
Pay for five 1 to 1 Private Sessions with Neil & sixth session free £150
Neil's Drop In classes £8/£42 for six

Swimming (in a box position) taught by Neil Healey taken from the Neilpilates Beginners DVD

Single Straight Leg (prep) taught by Jekaterina Saprikina - Pilates Vibe YouTube channel.

Side Bend Prep. It will increase your core strength whilst also providing spinal movement.

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@Neilpilates Jan 09, 15:49

Over 50 Pilates classes weekly. Mat and Reformer classes. 1 to 1 private sessions available. Well trained,...

@Neilpilates Jan 02, 14:42

New year, new you! Pilates classes with Neil Healey.

@Neilpilates Dec 31, 22:23

Happy New Year!!

@fusionphysio_MC Dec 30, 19:54

We see too many athletes who are oblivious 2 the "female tirade" & the risks it poses for their body. Great piece!

@Neilpilates Dec 29, 21:58

I want to say a big thank you to my 9:30 Friday morning class for their generosity!! I am sending a cheque for...

@Neilpilates Dec 26, 12:54

Neil's Friday Friday 9:30am class at St Bernadette's Parish Centre, Rosetta Road will be in aid…

@Neilpilates Dec 19, 14:05

New Crescent Arts Centre Classes Starting on 11/12 January 2018 Pilates classes in the Crescent Arts Centre,...

@Neilpilates Nov 28, 10:31

I got to teach two great Spin instructors in the Neilpilates 1 to 1 Studio on Saturday. I taught a 2 to 1 with...

@Neilpilates Nov 23, 12:48

I recommend Poppogoblin. Really healthy, tasty food and great coffee. 😊

@Neilpilates Nov 21, 16:34

An excellent class to enhance your running technique and prevent and minimise the risk of injuries. To book your...

@Neilpilates Nov 21, 12:57

I've just finished tutoring the intensive 7 day Pilates Level 3 Mat Diploma for Alpha Training NI. Contact Emma Br…

@Neilpilates Nov 16, 21:31

🌻🌻🌻ANNOUNCEMENT!🌻🌻🌻 🌻WINTER WELLNESS RETREAT!🌻 I am excited to bring you details of my next retreat at the...

@Neilpilates Nov 02, 11:18

CATHEDRAL QUARTER PILATES CLASSES. Suitable for beginners or the more experienced. Tuesdays…

@Neilpilates Oct 28, 09:52

Spin is a good cardio exercise to compliment your Pilates and Glen is the best spin instructor I know. I would...

@Neilpilates Oct 21, 21:16

This what sitting at a desk does to you.

@deptinfra Oct 20, 22:26

Here is a glimpse inside the #GliderBelfast

@PSNIBelfast Oct 16, 20:18

Due to hazardous conditions do not drive unless absolutely essential. #Ophelia

@Neilpilates Oct 16, 17:48

Due to worsening weather conditions both of Neil's classes tonight at 7:30 & 8:30 are now CANCELLED. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@BelfastRunClub Oct 16, 17:48

Due to expected adverse weather conditions this evening - social run and circuits are cancelled. Stay in, stay dry.

@Neilpilates Oct 16, 11:28

Neil's 7:30pm and 8:30pm classes are ON as usual tonight. If the weather does get dangerously bad I will cancel...

@Neilpilates Oct 15, 19:35

@JohnBlacko Great idea John. 👍👏

@JohnBlacko Oct 15, 19:34

So i made a running website it's a race fixture site where anyone can upload an event. Let me know what you think 🙂

@DanceResourceNI Sep 25, 10:52

Check out @Neilpilates weekly classes in various locations around Belfast.

@Neilpilates Sep 22, 17:39

There are places available in Neil's Friday 6:00pm Pilates class at The Crescent Srts Centre. Why not come along?...

@Neilpilates Sep 17, 13:44

New Neilpilates classes with Michele Morter.

@Neilpilates Sep 15, 20:47

⭐️⭐️NEW CLASSES starting this week, Belfast & Glengormley area ⭐️⭐️ It's Emily here and I am excited to be...

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Refer a friend and when they pay for a block of classes you will be given a free class. Valid for all of Neil's classes
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Voucher Code
How to claim
Message via the app to claim your class.
Refer a friend and when they pay for a block of classes you will be given a free class. Valid for all of Neil's classes